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Title: Instagram Web Viewer
Post by: admin on December 21, 2019, 01:34:09 pm
Instagram has over 800 million active users. We create a search bar that allows you to search for any
user knowing their exact username. Try it!
We are often asked what is the purpose of The reason we created this website is that
sometimes you find a person who tries to follow it, but you can't tell who they are because they have
a private profile. You can't really see your Instagram profile photo because it's too small. When
looking for the profile of people on our website, you can see the image perfectly because we show it
in full size. You can then decide whether to accept that users follow the request or deny it. Another
reason is if he's looking for his friends, but he can't tell if it's his profile. Or you can use the website to
view the profile photo in full size.

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